Spark Your Appetite!

Should a good ride end with good food? Um, yes!

If you like a good ride to end with good food, BikeSpark is for you, especially if you appreciate fresh local foods.

Fresh Fork Market, which promotes foods from local farms, will be catering. The menu looks so good you might (and can) come just for lunch!

When you’re ready to eat at BikeSpark, you’ll find a salad with spring greens, baby kale, bee pollen and strawberries, smoked chicken sliders, a vegetarian entrée and sides of braised green, cornbread and blanched asparagus. Dessert? Strawberry cobbler.

You did the miles, now you get to enjoy lunch too!

And you can add to your meal a cold and tasty craft brew from Sibling Revelry in Westlake and finish it off with Honey Hut ice cream. (Both are an additional cost with all beer proceeds going to Bike Cleveland).

Lunch is included with your half metric and metric century entry fee and available for $11 per person for Scoop Loop riders and any guest. We suggest buying lunch tickets in advance to ensure there is a meal available for you.

Lunch seating will be under the main hub tent. If the weather is nice, you can also find yourself a cozy spot with your friends on the grass at Brandywine.

Fresh Fork Market offers year-round local foods subscription service with products from more than 100 local farms, including just-picked-this-morning produce, meat, eggs, dairy, breads, canned goods, pastries, granolas and more. For more information, go to

You hungry yet?

You will be!