Routes Through the Parks

BikeSpark is unique in that it begins right in the heart of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park! This is one our region’s greatest treasures and we’re proud to call it our home base for our inaugural year. Everything begins and ends at the Provenzale Construction Hub at Brandywine Ski Area.  With three route options, there is truly something for everyone!

The Honey Hut Scoop Loop

The Scoop Loop is purpose built for family fun! Riders will leave the Hub and roll right onto the Towpath Trail for a flat and easy spin of seven miles to the turnaround point at the Canal Exploration Center. This is where our friends at Honey Hut Ice Cream will be waiting to serve you a delicious scoop of their famous treat. There will be water and light snacks here for you as well. Then after you have checked out the center and rested your legs a bit, return the way you came back to the Hub where it all began. Scoop Loop riders get the added fun of a scavenger hunt along the path as well!

The 30 Miler p/b Cleveland Clinic Sports Health

Do you like scenic rides? We thought so!  Your route will take you north through the beautiful Cleveland Metroparks Brecksville Reservation ,  including the tree-canopied Meadows Drive. Then past a well-stocked rest stop and into Bedford Reservation with stunning views of the Gorge. You’ve knocked off a few hills at this point, so finish off with a great cool-down spin on the flat Bike & Hike Trail before hanging a right onto a sweet downhill back to the Hub!

The Metric p/b SportLegs

Okay, long distance riders, you ready? You’ll do the first 30 miles with all the highlights above, but after you swing through the Hub to refill your bottles and grab snacks, you’ll head back out for more fun. You will loop out and around the lake in Hinckley Reservation before descending back into the National Park. We’ll have a rest stop waiting for your with some shade under the trees in Bath Nature Preserve before your last push. Once you’re back on top, take a peek as you pass Brandywine Falls, and spin off the last few miles on the Bike & Hike before raging down the hill to the Hub again!

Will all of the routes, we ask that you ride with safety and courtesy and follow all traffic laws. When on the Towpath and Bike & Hike, pass with care and let other trail users know your intentions. Keep your speed in check if you encounter busy sections or groups of slower riders. As a bicycle advocacy organization, we truly appreciate your efforts to set a great example out there!