Test your riding power in the CycleBar 30-Second Sprint Challenge

CycleBar Beachwood can’t move it’s rocking 50-bike CycleTheater to Brandywine, but it is bringing a CycleStar instructor and a bike to the Ride Hub for you to test your cycling power for a sprint challenge!

Each contestant can test their fitness level with a challenge to see who has the most power in a 30-second sprint. All contestants will receive individual CycleStats on their attempt(s).  Be sure to warm up!

Winners will be in various categories with prizes including CycleBar swag and other fun items. The cost is $3 with all proceeds going back to Bike Spark host Bike Cleveland for safe cycling programs. All visitors will also receive a voucher for a free class in their Beachwood studio.

Additionally, if your favorite non-profit is looking to raise money in a fun and unique way, ask the CycleBar representative about hosting a fundraising event in their studio. You can also find more information here: https://beachwood.cyclebar.com/community/cyclegiving/.


BikeSpark needs a soundtrack!

BikeSpark has a lot going on at the HUB.

But what we don’t have (yet) is music. And we should definitely have some music!

So… got any suggestions? You or someone you know who can entertain us during lunch? Add more spark to BikeSpark?

The first thing you should know is that there is no electricity at the site. You have to bring your own or go acoustic.

The second is the music should make a lovely day lovelier. Be fun. You can encourage people to sing with you, bring percussion bits with you and encourage people to add to the beat or just play.

The third is we do have a small music budget, but this is a fundraiser and we’re a nonprofit, so don’t expect too much. We will be happy to give you props on our website and email.

With BikeSpark being June 4, what we don’t have is much time. So here is how this will work:
Send us email. Describe your genre/forte, how long you’ve been doing it and what you might play in broad terms—and in less than 75 words. You can also point us to your website.

Include a link to two or three songs or videos.

Confirm that you are available from 10:30 to 1:30 Sunday June 4 and include your contact information.

Get it to us by noon Saturday, May 27. Follow the instructions. Incomplete entries will be deleted. No phone calls. Send your information to jason@bikecleveland.org with “BikeSpark Music” in the subject line.

Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you!

The HUB: Center of the Action

The hub is the center of a wheel, and at BikeSpark – the Provenzale Construction Hub is the center of the action! Once you enter Brandywine Ski Resort off of West Highland road, drive the winding road back to ample parking off to your left. Take your time please, as you will likely encounter riders headed out onto their adventure. Once you park, look for the big white tent – and the HUB of BikeSpark!

What’s at the HUB?

You will find a check-in area for those of you who have signed up online, and a spot for those who have waited until event day. You’ll also see Eddy’s Bike Shop and VeloFix ready and waiting to take care of any last-minute adjustments you may need. Plus, they will have demo bikes for you to try out once you get back and are looking for something to do. If you have the energy, challenge your friends to a little competition at the outdoor version of CycleBar and see who is king after all the hills!

There will be representatives from Akron Bike Club, VeloSano, Bike MS, NEOCycle and The Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park on hand to show off their upcoming events and attractions. Relax, hang out a while, and bask in the cycling culture around you.

But don’t do it on an empty stomach. The HUB is also where you will find Fresh Fork Market, Sibling Revelry Brewing, and Honey Hut Ice Cream waiting for you when you get back. Lunch from Fresh Fork is included in your 30 & 70 mile ticket price – beer & ice cream at the HUB can be purchased on site.  Lunch for Scoop Loop riders can be added during registration. (This is gourmet stuff people, don’t be surprised if we sell out!)

The HUB is also where all of the rides start and end, and the 70 Mile riders will fill up their water bottles and grab snacks before heading out on the second leg of their challenge here as well. And don’t forget to pick up some Bike Cleveland merchandise or join/renew your membership while you are here – cause in the end – that’s what we are here to do! Ride and support bicycle advocacy in Northeast Ohio!

Routes Through the Parks

BikeSpark is unique in that it begins right in the heart of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park! This is one our region’s greatest treasures and we’re proud to call it our home base for our inaugural year. Everything begins and ends at the Provenzale Construction Hub at Brandywine Ski Area.  With three route options, there is truly something for everyone!

The Honey Hut Scoop Loop

The Scoop Loop is purpose built for family fun! Riders will leave the Hub and roll right onto the Towpath Trail for a flat and easy spin of seven miles to the turnaround point at the Canal Exploration Center. This is where our friends at Honey Hut Ice Cream will be waiting to serve you a delicious scoop of their famous treat. There will be water and light snacks here for you as well. Then after you have checked out the center and rested your legs a bit, return the way you came back to the Hub where it all began. Scoop Loop riders get the added fun of a scavenger hunt along the path as well!

The 30 Miler p/b Cleveland Clinic Sports Health

Do you like scenic rides? We thought so!  Your route will take you north through the beautiful Cleveland Metroparks Brecksville Reservation ,  including the tree-canopied Meadows Drive. Then past a well-stocked rest stop and into Bedford Reservation with stunning views of the Gorge. You’ve knocked off a few hills at this point, so finish off with a great cool-down spin on the flat Bike & Hike Trail before hanging a right onto a sweet downhill back to the Hub!

The Metric p/b SportLegs

Okay, long distance riders, you ready? You’ll do the first 30 miles with all the highlights above, but after you swing through the Hub to refill your bottles and grab snacks, you’ll head back out for more fun. You will loop out and around the lake in Hinckley Reservation before descending back into the National Park. We’ll have a rest stop waiting for your with some shade under the trees in Bath Nature Preserve before your last push. Once you’re back on top, take a peek as you pass Brandywine Falls, and spin off the last few miles on the Bike & Hike before raging down the hill to the Hub again!

Will all of the routes, we ask that you ride with safety and courtesy and follow all traffic laws. When on the Towpath and Bike & Hike, pass with care and let other trail users know your intentions. Keep your speed in check if you encounter busy sections or groups of slower riders. As a bicycle advocacy organization, we truly appreciate your efforts to set a great example out there!

Build a Stronger Advocacy Voice

The proceeds from BikeSpark benefit Bike Cleveland. Who are they?

Bike Cleveland is the 501(c)(3) advocacy non-profit for people on bikes in the Greater Cleveland area. Representing over 700 due paying members and more than 25 local businesses, they make sure that any time the conversation turns to transportation — that people on bikes are being considered alongside people in cars. They work to improve policy, infrastructure, and legislation to help make local roads places that serve people and communities, not just traffic. Their efforts are broad, and they have achieved a lot in their short history. If you care about sustainable and equitable transportation, join the movement!

Improving policy, infrastructure, and legislation is only part of their work. Bike Cleveland also hosts and organizes numerous education and engagement opportunities such as education for the public, training and development for law enforcement, building Bicycle Friendly Businesses, and a growing list of activities during National Bicycle Month. Supporting groups such as this helps YOUR cycling community become even stronger.

Here are more of their accomplishments. Read more and join today at www.bikecleveland.org

Worked with Cuyahoga County Department of Sustainability to secure the funding needed to bring large scale bike share to Cleveland in 2016. Bike Cleveland was responsible for releasing the RFP and raising the local match.

Launched the “We’re All Drivers”, a public awareness campaign to humanize cycling and raise awareness around road rights for people on bikes. The campaign saw 209 million media impressions.

Trained over 150 police officers from across Greater Cleveland on how to enforce laws to prevent bike crashes and save lives.

Played a pivotal role in passing the 3- foot passing law in Cleveland.

Helped bring covered, secure bike parking known locally as bike boxes to Cleveland.

Worked closely with the City of Cleveland to help formulate and fund Cleveland’s Complete and Green Streets Typologies Plan.

Successfully advocated for a design change to the Opportunity Corridor to better serve bikes and pedestrians; granting safe and easy access to the new road for the thousands of local residents without cars.

Helped Cleveland qualify for the League of American Bicyclists Bronze Bicycle Friendly Community designation in 2013.

Distributed hundreds of light-sets as part of our “Random Acts of Brightness” program, helping people without the financial means for costly lights to stay safe and legal while riding at night.

Worked with local partners to develop a plan for a network of protected bike lanes, The Midway, and advocated for further study of the concept which will be completed in 2016.

Secured federal, state and foundation funding to implement a city-wide Safe Routes to School Travel Plan in partnership with the City of Cleveland and Cleveland Metropolitan School District.

Installed secure bike parking and repair stations in low income neighborhoods to serve residents who rely on their bike as their primary means of transportation.

Spark Your Appetite!

Should a good ride end with good food? Um, yes!

If you like a good ride to end with good food, BikeSpark is for you, especially if you appreciate fresh local foods.

Fresh Fork Market, which promotes foods from local farms, will be catering. The menu looks so good you might (and can) come just for lunch!

When you’re ready to eat at BikeSpark, you’ll find a salad with spring greens, baby kale, bee pollen and strawberries, smoked chicken sliders, a vegetarian entrée and sides of braised green, cornbread and blanched asparagus. Dessert? Strawberry cobbler.

You did the miles, now you get to enjoy lunch too!

And you can add to your meal a cold and tasty craft brew from Sibling Revelry in Westlake and finish it off with Honey Hut ice cream. (Both are an additional cost with all beer proceeds going to Bike Cleveland).

Lunch is included with your half metric and metric century entry fee and available for $11 per person for Scoop Loop riders and any guest. We suggest buying lunch tickets in advance to ensure there is a meal available for you.

Lunch seating will be under the main hub tent. If the weather is nice, you can also find yourself a cozy spot with your friends on the grass at Brandywine.

Fresh Fork Market offers year-round local foods subscription service with products from more than 100 local farms, including just-picked-this-morning produce, meat, eggs, dairy, breads, canned goods, pastries, granolas and more. For more information, go to freshforkmarket.com.

You hungry yet?

You will be!


The Scoop on the “Scoop Loop”

Most bike rides make you wait all the way till the end to get your treats – but our Honey Hut “Scoop Loop” riders get them at the halfway point! After you leave the BikeSpark hub, you will journey north on the beautiful Towpath Trail in the heart of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. The Towpath is a smooth, hardpacked dirt/gravel surface that is perfect for experiencing the park on 2 wheels at a casual pace. Since it follows the historic route of the Ohio & Erie Canal, you will find that the miles breeze by without any hills to slow you down. You can also take part in a fact finding scavenger hunt, and the ride will have volunteers and support bicycles on the trail to help with any problems along the way.

You will know that you’ve reached the halfway point when you see the Canal Exploration Center! This historic building will help you dig into the canal-era past and explore life on the historic Ohio & Erie Canal. Exhibits illustrate canal life in the valley, and describe how the canal-era building once served canal boat passengers waiting to pass through Canal Lock 38.

But that won’t be the only thing you dig into! Your ride is called the Honey Hut “Scoop Loop” for a reason! Stick your spoon deep into a scoop of delicious handmade ice cream before saddling back up for your ride back. Honey Hut is Cleveland’s original homemade ice cream shoppe, founded in 1974, with multiple locations to cover that summertime ice cream craving.

All that’s left now is a relaxing spin back to the BikeSpark hub to complete your 15 mile roundtrip! If you are hungry or thirsty – there will be outstanding food and drink available for purchase (or make it easy by adding lunch to your cart when you pre-register.)

Sound good?

It will taste even better!


Welcome to BikeSpark!

Riders:  BikeSpark is an all-new ride coming to beautiful Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Registration will be opening February 15 – but for now – mark June 4 on your calendar and get ready for a great summer cycling adventure!

Sponsors:  BikeSpark is an excellent opportunity to put your name and/or product in front of active individuals and families. We have several sponsorship levels available to suit your budget and desired level of exposure.

For BikeSpark Sponsorship inquires contact: Jerry Pignolet, 216.469.4225 or jerrypignolet@gmail.com, or Executive Director Jacob VanSickle at Bike Cleveland at 216-245-3101 or Jacob@bikecleveland.org.