Build a Stronger Advocacy Voice

The proceeds from BikeSpark benefit Bike Cleveland. Who are they?

Bike Cleveland is the 501(c)(3) advocacy non-profit for people on bikes in the Greater Cleveland area. Representing over 700 due paying members and more than 25 local businesses, they make sure that any time the conversation turns to transportation — that people on bikes are being considered alongside people in cars. They work to improve policy, infrastructure, and legislation to help make local roads places that serve people and communities, not just traffic. Their efforts are broad, and they have achieved a lot in their short history. If you care about sustainable and equitable transportation, join the movement!

Improving policy, infrastructure, and legislation is only part of their work. Bike Cleveland also hosts and organizes numerous education and engagement opportunities such as education for the public, training and development for law enforcement, building Bicycle Friendly Businesses, and a growing list of activities during National Bicycle Month. Supporting groups such as this helps YOUR cycling community become even stronger.

Here are more of their accomplishments. Read more and join today at

Worked with Cuyahoga County Department of Sustainability to secure the funding needed to bring large scale bike share to Cleveland in 2016. Bike Cleveland was responsible for releasing the RFP and raising the local match.

Launched the “We’re All Drivers”, a public awareness campaign to humanize cycling and raise awareness around road rights for people on bikes. The campaign saw 209 million media impressions.

Trained over 150 police officers from across Greater Cleveland on how to enforce laws to prevent bike crashes and save lives.

Played a pivotal role in passing the 3- foot passing law in Cleveland.

Helped bring covered, secure bike parking known locally as bike boxes to Cleveland.

Worked closely with the City of Cleveland to help formulate and fund Cleveland’s Complete and Green Streets Typologies Plan.

Successfully advocated for a design change to the Opportunity Corridor to better serve bikes and pedestrians; granting safe and easy access to the new road for the thousands of local residents without cars.

Helped Cleveland qualify for the League of American Bicyclists Bronze Bicycle Friendly Community designation in 2013.

Distributed hundreds of light-sets as part of our “Random Acts of Brightness” program, helping people without the financial means for costly lights to stay safe and legal while riding at night.

Worked with local partners to develop a plan for a network of protected bike lanes, The Midway, and advocated for further study of the concept which will be completed in 2016.

Secured federal, state and foundation funding to implement a city-wide Safe Routes to School Travel Plan in partnership with the City of Cleveland and Cleveland Metropolitan School District.

Installed secure bike parking and repair stations in low income neighborhoods to serve residents who rely on their bike as their primary means of transportation.